Two Digit from Three Digit Subtraction Worksheets

Tips for Two Digit from Three Digit Subtraction When you are about to teach your children about subtraction, you have to extra watchful during the subtraction of a 2-digit number for a 3-digit number. However, your students should be aware of the concept of place values beforehand. Since, it will further help them to understand the concept Since we will place the value ones and tens of the 2-digit value below of those from the 3-digit ones, let’s take an example.

431 - 16 = 415

Here, you need to focus on the numbers you need to borrow. For instance, we needed to borrow from 3, since one is less than 6. Keep practicing, and the kids will get the hang of it.

Like Terms

In subtraction it is necessary to have like terms. A teacher gave an example stating, "We can't subtract 7 oranges from 9 apples." Then a student raised the question, "But can't we take 7 oranges from 2 trees?"