3 and 4 Digit from 4 Digit Subtraction Worksheets

How to Subtract Numbers That Do Not Have the Same Place Values - There is more than one way to count anything. The world of mathematics teaches us that there are different ways to resolve different problems. Thus, one of those profound counting methods is the subtraction principle. The subtraction principle states that if you have a subset A from a universal set U, then according to the principle, A = U - A. Let us take a real-world example, and you want to find the number of action figures you have from your set of 50 toys. Now, you know that you do not like other toys, so you decided to count them instead. You learned that you have around 13 toys that are not action figures. Now, you can just subtract these toys from your total number of toys, i.e., 50 - 13 = 37. There you go, you now know that you have 37 action figures with you. If you have numbers that have different place values, then you start subtracting from your right, always!

In subtracting negative and positive integers, change the sign on the subtrahend.

If both signs are positive, the answer will be positive. 15 - (-3) = 15 + 3 = 18
If both signs are negative, the answer will be negative. -15 - (+3) = -15 - 3 = -18