Three Digit from Three Digit Subtraction Worksheets

Tips for Subtracting Three Digits from Three-Digit Subtraction - I've written the same subtraction problem twice. If you have 172 digits to subtract it from 629, you will expand the numbers. You will write 629 in which 6 is hundreds, the 2 is tens, and the 9 is ones. Then, you will write 172; there the 1 in on hundreds place, 7 is at tens place, and then the 2 is at units place. Start the subtraction with unit’s place. You have 9 - 2 = 7. In the next step (2-7), how can you subtract the larger number from the smaller? You will borrow 1 from the neighbor that is 6. When you borrow 1 from 6, you will have 5 in place of 6. Then, 2 becomes 12. Now the value is 12-7= 5. Now, you have to subtract 1 from 5, because we borrowed to the other. The answer would be 4. So, the total answer of subtraction 629 - 172 is equal to 754. Whenever you go to subtract three digits to the same quantity of numbers, you will place the bigger one first. Sometimes you may have to minus the smaller value to the larger one as above. In that case, you will borrow 1.

Double Zero

One day during math lessons the teacher asked, "What do you get when you have 100 and takeaway 1?" The students all looked at each other, then one student raised his hand and answered, " Two zeroes?"