4 and 5 Digit from 5 Digit Subtraction Worksheets

How to Subtract Large Values? Subtracting large values will need some practicing, especially because you will need to solve them quickly during the large calculation. Therefore, to solve such problems, you should keep in mind a few steps which will assist you in solving them easily. For instance, you have to subtract 86 from 202. If you think you can solve them manually quickly, then good for you. But if you cannot, then let us take another approach. For instance, you can add 14 to 86 to make it 100, then subtract them from 202 to make 102. Then, you can add 14 to it to make it 116. You can further minimize your efforts by separating the problems into smaller parts for easier calculation. For instance, when you want to subtract 857 from 1,276. You can separate them into 1200 - 800 and 76 - 57. The former answer is 400, while the latter answer is 19. Now, you can add both answers together to get 419.

Borrowing as a Loan?

When you have to borrow in a subtraction problem, you can only borrow from the place value digit that is directly to the left. If that column doesn't have enough to "loan, " it will have to borrow from its neighbor on the left.