Two Digit Subtraction Worksheets

Tips for Double Digit Subtraction When you are teaching young minds about the concept of subtraction, moving onto double digit subtraction is a giant leap forward. However, this is also the time when they will be able to handle such division practices with ease. Therefore, in order to ensure that the students will be able to resolve double digit subtraction easily is by following the tips given below. Firstly, make them learn the concepts of place values. This way, they will be able to understand the concept of borrowing numbers. Now, let us consider an example of 86 – 57. Now, let us solve the question in a sequential manner.

86 - 56 =

Now, the first step is the students must keep in mind that only a larger number can subtract a smaller one and not vice versa. Therefore, in the scenario, the once a digit is 6 – 7 which is not possible. Therefore, we must borrow 1 from 8 to make 6 into 16.
7 - 5, 16 -7 =

Now, we can perform subtraction.

Where Does This Fit In The Curriculum?

Students will begin to see this concept in early elementary school, but it carries all the way into middle school. It is important to master this skill early in the elementary grades and then make this skill a mental math exercise by later elementary years.