Single Digit Subtraction Worksheets

How to Learn Your Subtraction Math Facts? During the initial days of mathematical learning for children, you may come across different scenarios when you are stuck. One of those moments is when you are teaching subtraction math facts to your young one. As compared to addition, subtraction is quite tough. However, you need to be clever about how you propose math facts to your children without forcing them onto them. You can also explain that an addition sentence, as well as a subtraction sentence, can be written for these situations. For instance, if you have a question about 9 – 4, then you can say that 4 and 5 makes 9, so 9 minus 4 is 5. You can also draw a part-part-whole picture to enhance your explanation method.

How to Learn to Subtract Rapidly?

The subtraction questions involve the process of carrying and borrowing People have a problem in understanding the concept and convey it to others. So, here it is vital to solving all the problems correctly. Here, you have to use the base quantities. Then, it will solve such questions rapidly and efficiently. Base quantities like 10, 20, 50, 60, 70, 80, etc. If you have a question 92-38, you have to carry 1 from 9 as the 1st one is larger than the other, and then, the traditional method follows. But what if you convert 38 into a base quantity then, it will solve fast. If we change 38 into 40, it means we have added +2 in 38. So, we will add +2 again in 92 as well, and it will be 94. The equation will become change from 92-38 to 94-40. Now, you will not borrow 1 from the neighbor, especially in this method. And the answer that everyone knows 94-40= 54 or 92-38= 54. So, the trick here is to convert the 2nd number into the base quantity either by adding or subtracting something. Then, the same quantity you will add in the 1st number as well.

What's the Difference?

One way to estimate the difference between two numbers is to round each number and then subtract the rounded numbers. The answer won't be exact, but will be sufficient in some cases and is good for checking your work.