Picture Subtraction Worksheets

How Using Pictures Can Help Learn to Subtract? There is a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, and that does not only mean in literature. Pictures are a great learning method to make the students understand the concept of basic mathematics. Especially if you consider the arithmetic operations where everything is related to our daily lives. As a teacher, you want your students to understand the concept you’re teaching them perfectly. However, to do so, you need to devise strategies that could enable them to understand the concepts perfectly. In hindsight, with pictures, you will be able to make the students visualize actual scenarios. Furthermore, the concept of mental math comes into the picture, which will not only improve the minds of the students but make them better in the concept.

Trust the Process...

Subtraction is the process of taking away, finding the missing addend, finding the difference between 2 numbers or a way to measure motion. It is the inverse operation of addition and as such, addition can be used to check the answer. To subtract days from weeks:
If the subtrahend is more than the minuend do the following:
Subtract 1 from the original number of weeks. (Borrowing)
Increase the number of original days by 7. (Base 7)
Subtract the days.
Subtract the weeks.