Absolute Value Equations Worksheets

What Are Absolute Value Equations? An equation having the absolute value of the expression is called absolute value equations. It is represented by |x|=a. It is usually written in modulus form such as |x|=a. The equation of such type has two solutions which include x = a and x = -a. It represents that both the numbers are at a distance from 0. If you encounter a problem having absolute equations, then you can solve it by making two different equations and then address them individually. For example; |x+8|=16
|x+8|=16 The solution goes as follows; x+8=16. Now subtracting 8 from both sides x + 8 - 8 = 16 - 8. Therefore, x= 8 The other way of solving the absolute value equations is as such; x + 8 = -16. In order to remove the modulus sign, we must encounter the change of the sign (i.e., either positive or negative). Now subtracting 8 from both sides, we get x + 8 - 8 = -16 - 8, x= -24. However, this represents that the absolute value equation with a negative number has no solution. Have you ever heard of a distance that you travel in a negative way? That is why the solution to such an equation is not possible.

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