Logarithmic Equations Worksheets

What are Logarithmic Equations? The algebraic branch of mathematics is not limited to dealing with equations that solely consists of variables and numbers. Sometimes, in advanced algebraic practices, you have to deal with equations that consist of non-linear entities, such as logarithmic expressions. Usually, a log-based function looks like x = logb⁡y. When one side of the equation consists of a constant, the equation can also be rewritten as the equivalent definition of the log stated above. There are two types of logarithmic equations. One of them is mentioned beforehand, while the other is x = by. This type is effective when you have a single logarithm on each side of the equation having the same base, and then you can set the arguments equal to each other and solve.

What the Heck is a Reciprocal?

A reciprocal is a number that, when multiplied by another number, gives a product of 1. A reciprocal of a fraction is a fraction where the numerator and denominator are reversed from the original.<