Logarithmic Expressions Worksheets

What are Logarithmic Expressions? In the intermediate level of mathematics, you have learned various tactics to resolve and simplify expressions with exponents. For instance, if you have an expression x3 × x5, then the powers will add to make x8. Similarly, there are other logarithmic expressions that help in resolving log-based questions easily and swiftly.
logb ⁡mn = logb ⁡m + logb⁡n.
logb (m/n) =logb ⁡m - logbn
logb⁡mn = n · logb⁡m.
However, you must keep in mind that similar to the exponents, the above rules work if and only the bases are the same. For instance, logbmn = logb⁡m + logdn can not be simplified because the bases are not the same.

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