Multiplying and Dividing Complex Numbers Worksheets

How to Multiply and Divide Complex Numbers? When dealing with complex numbers, you have to be extra careful in resolving them. Especially if you have to multiply and divide them. Let us discuss both of these scenarios individually. Multiplication - Multiplying two or more complex numbers is similar to multiplying two or more binomials. Let us consider an example.
(3 + 2i)(2 - i)
Here, you will have to use the distributive property to write the above equation as:
3(2 - i) + 2i(2 - i)
6 - 3i + 4i - 2i2
Now, you must remember that i2=-1, thus, the equation becomes:
6 - 3i + 4i + 2
Division - Dividing complex numbers is just as simpler as writing complex numbers in fraction form and then resolving them. Let us consider an example:

1+ i / 2 - i

In this situation, the question is not in a simplified form; thus, you must take the conjugate value of the denominator.
Conjugated Value

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