Quadratic Inequalities Worksheets

What are Quadratic Inequalities? A function with a degree of 2 and wen y is not equal to the function is known as the quadratic function. These functions utilize the symbols of greater than or equal to and less than or equal to. That means in a quadratic function instead of seeing an equal to sign; we will notice the inequality symbols. Generally, quadratic inequalities are written in the form of ax2+ bx+ c, where a, b, and c represent the numbers. However, the numbers b and c can be equal to zero, but the number 'a' needs to be a non-zero. This is because our quadratic inequality must have an x2 value. The remaining two values may or may not be present. For solving an inequality, you need to follow these steps. Remember to solve the inequality like any other algebraic equation. Write the inequality in the standard form. Figure out the two factors whose products are equal to the first terms of the inequality. Next, you need to figure out the two factors whose product is equal to the third term of the standard form of inequality.

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