Rationalizing Denominators Worksheets

How to Rationalize Denominators That Contain Radicals - Fractions are easy to solve, be it addition, subtraction, multiplication, or even division. But do you know how to work with fractions that have radicals in their denominators, yes! You rationalize it. Any mathematical expression with radicals, powers, or any other crazy-looking sign can freak students out, but fractions with radicals are not something that should scare you. Rationalizing is only done in a case when the number within the radical is not a perfect square. Follow these simple steps, and you will know exactly what to do! Before you start rationalizing, make sure you have simplified the radical. The first step is to multiply the numerator as well as denominator with a radical that can help you get rid of the radicals in the denominator. Simplify the fraction Now, what if you are dealing with an expression in the denominator with a radical? Instead of multiplying both numerator ad denominator with a radical, you multiply both with the conjugate of the expression. What is conjugate? Consider you have an expression; 5 + √2, the conjugate of this expression will be; 5 - √2.

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