Arc Length and Radian Measures Worksheets

How to Convert Radians to Degrees - When dealing with angles and geometric/trigonometric functions, the angle measurement plays a crucial role. In other words, learning about radians and degrees can make many calculations easier. First of all, let us discuss the origin of these units. A circle consists of 2π radians, which is equal to 360° (degrees). Now, there is a conversion formula through which you can convert radians into degrees or vice versa. Here, we will discuss how you can convert radians into degrees. The first step is to know that radians will always be in the form π, so that is what you need to be on the lookout for. The second step is to multiply whatever angle in radians provided by 180/π to convert it into degrees. That is it. Let us consider an example with π/6. Now, let us multiply it by 180/π π/6 ×180/π= 30°.

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