Special Right Triangles Worksheets

What Are Special Right Triangles? We know that there are equilateral triangles with all equal sides and angles. We have an isosceles triangle with two equal sides and two equal angles, we have scalenes with no equal sides or angles, and right-angled triangles that have one 90° angle and three unequal sides. But what are special right triangles? There are two types of special right triangles; the first one is 30-60-90 triangles and 45-45-90 triangles. The first one is a triangle with 30° and 60° as its acute angles. The sides of these triangles have special proportions. The base is half of the hypotenuse length, and the height is √3/2 times of the hypotenuse length. The type 2 special triangles have 45° acute angles. Here the base and the height are equal, and the hypotenuse is √2 times of that height.

How to Find Measures of Right Triangles

Right triangles are those triangles in which one of the sides has an angle of 90o. However, learning to find the measures of a right-angled triangle can be quite simple. Firstly, we need to find the lengths of two of its sides. But the question is which one to use? The first step is to find the names of the two sides given. Let us take an example.

Triangle ABC

Now, in this scenario, the c side is the hypotenuse since its in front of the right angle. Now, b is the side adjacent to the angle and front of it is which is the opposite side. The next step is to learn which of the sides are given. Remember, you need to know the values of at least 2 sides. Imagine, you know the sides hypotenuse and opposite, and then you can use the following property.
Trig. Functions

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