Proportion Word Problem Worksheets

How to Determine a Proportion? In mathematical form a proportion flows in this manner = : : We place this sign among two ratios for example, 16:24 : : 20:30 -> (a) What does the proportion exactly mean? If you have two equivalent ratios, it means they are in proportion. Is the equation (a) in proportion or not? For R.H.S; 16/24 (simplify form), both comes in table of 2. The value will be 16/24 = 8/12 and again use 2 for division like this 8/12 = 4/6 and again, you will divide it by the table of 2 and the answer will be 2/3. 16:24 = 2:3. For L.H.S; 20:30 = 20/30 = 2/3. The ratio will be 2:3.
R.H.S = L.H.S:
16:24 : : 20: 30
2:3 2:3
Hence, these ratios are equivalent, and that is why it will be correct if we say they both ratios are in proportion.

  • Basic Lesson

    Demonstrates how to outline Proportion Word Problems. Example: A RATIO is two (often different) things compared to each other, like 3 dollars per gallon. A PROPORTION is when you have two ratios set to be equal to each other.

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  • Intermediate Lesson

    Uses slightly larger sentences and numbers than the basic lesson. Example: A child can run at a rate of 4 1/2 blocks per minutes. How long does it take the child to run 9 blocks? The child run at rate 4 1/2 block per minutes. The child can run for 9 blocks in 9 / (4 1/2 ) = 2 The child run 9 blocks in 2 minutes.

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  • Independent Practice 1

    Contains a series of 20 Proportion Word Problems. The answers can be found below. Example: Jack and Jill went up the hill to pick apples and pears. Jack picked 10 apples and 15 pears. Jill picked 20 apples and some pears. The ratio of apples to pears picked by both Jack and Jill were the same. Determine how many pears Jill picked.

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  • Independent Practice 2

    Features 20 Proportion Word Problems. Example: Two angles of a triangle are in the ratio of 3 : 5. The difference of the angles is 30 degrees. Find the number of degrees in the largest angle in the triangle.

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  • Homework Worksheet

    12 word problems for students to work on at home. An example problem is provided and explained. Example: Coffee is made from two types of beans, from Java and Columbia in the ration 2:3. How much of each type of bean will be needed to make 500 grams of coffee?

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  • Skill Quiz

    10 Proportion Word Problems. A math scoring matrix is included. Example: If the ratio of football players to volley ball players at the high school is 4 : 1 and there are 70 football and volley players, how many volleyball player are there?

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  • Homework and Quiz Answer Key

    Answers for the homework and quiz.

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  • Answer Key

    Answers for the lesson and practice sheets.

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Sport Car Proportions

The Koenigsegg One:1 Megacar is one of the wildest proprtion based products on the planet. It is called the One:1 because there is one horsepower for every kilogram of weight the car possesses. This super car has a top speed of 248 miles per hour and delivers 1,340 horse power. It might be a bit pricey though at $2.85 million US Dollars.