10 Awesome Reasons Why Addition is Important in your Life

Article Summary: Addition is still the same process of adding two or more numbers together to find their total. No matter what your age, but addition is and will always be a part of your life. Here are some awesome reasons for learning addition.

The basic 1 + 1 has been with us from infancy. The very first sum you most probably learned was 1 + 1. Do you realize that as time goes by and technology increases that the basics are still the same. Nothing has changed, only the creativeness in which we teach, learn and present them.

Addition is still the same process of adding two or more numbers together to find their total. No matter what your age, but addition is and will always be a part of your life.


Going shopping means that you are going to spend some money. Whether you are the customer or the shop owner, you need to use addition to get to the right amount that needs to be paid. All of us need to buy something at some point.

Computers & Calculators

Digital computers require the fundamentals of addition. It is an important function to the overall efficiency. When calculating you need something to help you, especially when you use many numbers and you need a quick answer, then a calculator will be handy.


When ordering any stock for a business, or perhaps even a new car of furniture, you need to be able to use addition in your life. How else will you be able to measure how much you need or what is the excess stock you have.

Real numbers

Numbers are a part of your life just as the sun and the wind. You use numbers in everything you do, adding without even thinking about it. We add all the time without realizing it. Take note of what you are adding today?


During your entire life you will add something, whether it is glasses to pour a cold drink. Cups to make coffee or tea, or plates to serve lunch or supper. But add you will add.

In literature & daily living

When reading you use adding. How many books have you read lately? One, two or perhaps three. How many times have you taken a bath or shower in the last week? How many times do you drive from one place to another in a day?

Building a family

When deciding on having a family, adding can be the most important decision of your life. Would you like one, two or perhaps three children? Or maybe you are one of those brave persons who would like at least six. Whatever your desire, you will add when you have more than one child.

Ballet, Opera, etc.

Have you ever been to a classical ballet? Numbers are very important in something like that. Whether you go to the State Theatre or just an ordinary performance in the town square, the perfect number of people needs to make up the act. Or what about an orchestra? Ever person has their place.


Your electricity bill consists of numbers, so does the doctors bill, the dentist bill and every other place that you rent a service from. What about the garden service or the swimming pool service. The services you make use of are endless and each one of them use addition to calculate the hours they work for you and the amount you need to reimburse them for there service.

Birthdays, calendars, and events

What about your birthday? Have you ever thought about the importance of that? Your birthday consists of numbers, and every year you add one. We don't even realize how important adding is in our lives, but without the ability to add you will miss out on some very important events.