How to Get an A+ on Every Math Test You Take

Article Summary: Have you gotten an A+ on every math test you ever have taken? I'm sure you wouldn't be reading this if you have. This is one of our most popular math tips, so many people are in the same boat. What if you could get an A+ on every math test you ever had? Would it blow your mind? Would it change your life? It is not easy! But it is also not impossible, by any means. Here is a simple formula for success in math. Math worksheets are helpful, but then again, so are these steps.

Just as with everything in life you need to put in effort in order to succeed. Math is the same, if you give your time and effort you will be able to get an A+ for your tests.

Understand the subject

Before you even begin to study for tests or exams make sure you understand what you are going to study. Do some research, or take time to study the text book. It will do you no good to walk into the exam room without proper preparation. Understanding your subject is vital to success.

Color Coding

Use color coded stick-on's to mark your books. This way it will be easier to identify where you are and what you are busy with. You can make an index to know what color you are using for what problem or project. This way your study time will be a bit more organized.

Finding your niche

Get a place where you can study alone and regularly. It should be quiet, comfortable and without any traffic. Concentration can easily be distracted by others. Make sure you have a desk or table and a comfortable chair. Enough fresh air will ensure that you will not get tired too quickly.

Conquer the mountain first

Start your study time with the difficult subjects. It will be no good to study when you are tired or have been busy with other subjects for an hour. Your brain will be exhausted and you won't be able to concentrate. Give yourself a fresh start.

Making notes

Make notes of difficult problems with their solutions and stick them where you can see them. The bathroom mirror or the fridge, this way you will be able to read them with regular intervals and they will start to sink into your long term memory.

Take time to exercise

Exercise helps the blood flow to release more oxygen and it will give you the mental ability you need. Your mind will be sharp and you will absorb more when your brain is alert. You will also sleep better and feel rested.

Study breaks

Take a break when you start to feel tired. It will do you no good trying to study when your brain is exhausted. Take regular intervals, eat something and go for a walk. Then come back and study again. This way you can observe more.


Most people crave foods like hamburgers, hot dogs or any other take-away. It's more convenient and easy to get without taking time to prepare it yourself. This will do you no good as your body needs fuel to perform. Invest in healthy foods when you study. A lot of fruits and vegetables will increase alertness and help you to concentrate better, try eating some nuts as well. Avoid too much sugar as it will tire you.

Get Organized

Having a lot of papers lying around will just confuse you. Take time before you study to organize your desk. Get rid of all clutter and organize everything you need so that when you start to study you can be focused and nothing needs to distract you from the subject at hand. Nothing can be as debilitating as to look for a highlighter or notes.

Don't cram your brain

Have you ever experienced blankness during a test? This is because you try to cram your brain in a short period of time. Your short term memory gets overloaded and stops in its tracks. Take time to study beforehand, and get a good nights rest before the test.