The Math Used In Professional Ice Hockey

Article Summary: You need to formulate instead of memorizing or reciting. For example, avoid memorizing that 3 x 7 = 21, instead you may consider it as 3 x 7 = 7 + 7 + 7 = 14 + 7 = 21. This particular method is a bit challenging in terms of addition for a child, but it lucidly shows the relationship between multiplication and addition.

The Math plays a vital role in professional Ice hockey. A lecturer in basic and bilingual tutoring named Christine Mayfield states that, the integral part of professional Ice hockey is the Math. The talent of passing the hockey puck entails the use of Math, specially the angle usage and geometry. The usage of Math is unlimited in many areas of sports. Therefore, Math is just not limited to classroom, but also is applicable in every person's day today life.

The hockey puck is three-inch long rubber disc that replaces a normal ball and usually used in Ice hockey. With the exact calculation of the length of this puck and a thorough study of angles and geometry, help the players in passing the puck with sticks successfully. To relate Math and Ice hockey, the students have to make a progressive study on Math with activities focusing on Ice hockey. The important learning activities may include the graphing, the interpreting, data charting, assigning calculations, the time, the money and the decision building.

Application of Math:

To prove the importance of Math in Ice hockey, study and understand the below given examples.

1. While playing hockey, the attacks may occur at any time. The team members need to calculate the speed of the attacker, the angle of attack, and own speed. After evaluating these facts, evaluate an angle through which a member may stop the attacker. Therefore, evidently angle usage is a key element in professional Ice hockey.

2. The evaluation of fraction is also associated with playing Ice hockey. Math helps to find the largest fraction, and according to the calculation, 4/3 is a larger fraction compared to 5/4. This gives an idea that four skaters form more advantage over three rather than five skaters form over four. This is another form of Math application in Ice hockey.

3. Consider a center person in Ice hockey, planning for a face-off. When the referee drops the hockey puck, the person may reach for the puck at exact time with the knowledge of Math. Math helps a person to calculate the time the puck takes to reach the Ice and the place of landing. This in turn helps the player to calculate the speed required and the time to start the move.

4. In Ice hockey, the sixth and seventh teammates are the boards. To know the exact spot on the board to strike the puck, the player needs Math calculations. A theory in Math states that angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection. This theory helps a lot in striking the puck to the board.

5. Another application of Math is with stick management and skating. To get more edge control, the skaters needs to roll their ankles. This relates to the angle rule in Math. To control more Ice with the hockey stick, a skater needs to keep his knees bent. To get longer strides, the skaters keep their hips low as per the specification of triangle rule in Math.

6. The hockey experts say that crossunders help to increase the skaters speed while turning. This is because there is less interior skating than the exterior skating without crossunders. The crossunders prevent the skaters falling into the circle. This application requires physics more than Math.

Role of Math in Goaltending and Shooting:

When the goalie comes across an opponent on a breakaway, the goalie needs to come out a little to interrupt the angles. This requires a lot of Math. The entire process requires a three dimensional application of Math. The shooting process also accompanies the Math application.

The bridge of Math and sports, helps the hockey players to win the game. The students need to practice their Math lessons to apply in their day-today life, to win every point of life.