How To Become A Strong Math Student

Article Summary: You need to formulate instead of memorizing or reciting. For example, avoid memorizing that 3 x 7 = 21, instead you may consider it as 3 x 7 = 7 + 7 + 7 = 14 + 7 = 21. This particular method is a bit challenging in terms of addition for a child, but it lucidly shows the relationship between multiplication and addition.

In my high school days, I had spent most of my time in coaching classes to study Number theory and other mysterious divisions of Math. My teacher was not only brilliant in Math, but also knew how to create a strong Math student. That is why I am today a good mathematician. He taught Math using a discovery method that motivated exploration and guided us to become strong math students. Further, read this article to learn and know how you can be good at Math.

Create a fun atmosphere:

For me, environment is more potent than willpower. Indeed, a good surrounding motivates you to learn more and more, instead of boring you. If you feel boring when you do sums, then go to local Math Club every Saturday. Here, you can practice Math along with your friends and other fellow students, who bring joy in your mind and consecutively, you will enjoy doing sums ever.

Define Success:

It is often helpful to define success in your mind. Success for you might be to be good at solving algebra sums, studying the multiplication table, or even perhaps, to achieve a specific score in the Math exam. Or else, success may be an enlarged self-esteem or confidence, during the math exams. Be clear on what you wish to attain, note down the results as far as possible, review and modify them whenever needed, and surely you will excel in your way to Math success.

Develop Helpful Plan:

Once you define success to achieve, put it in action with simple calculation ideas such as:

a. Draw multiplication table, and say each table orally twice.

b. Look at the patterns mentioned in the table, which make things easier to learn.

c. Use scorecards such as flash cards to learn the fundamental Math facts.

d. Try to create own flash cards.

Identify Favored Learning Style:

If you make up your mind for a particular and preferred learning manner, you would not find it difficult to learn Math at all. If you like numerous learning manners, then attempt a multi-sensory approach. This includes the following multiple approaches:

a. Using different kinds of colors to learn.

b. Using graphs, pictures, flowcharts, diagrams and other illustration tools.

c. Writing textual matter on a white panel.

d. Copying the textual matter into notebooks.

e. Orally saying what you are learning.

f. Explain to others or to yourself, what you have learned.

g. Using manipulative to pursue the kinesthetic logic.

Suggestion for Teachers:

Do not go-it alone to help your students. Ask their friends, parents and others to help them out when they face problems in solving sums. Get some web sites and books as virtual approach to teach Math efficiently. If possible, join some online forums to share knowledge in this regard.

Things that you may find helpful to be a strong math student are:

1. Set routine timetable for doing sums. Unplug the telephone line and go away from PC while practicing Math to lessen distractions.

2. Have a regular space for doing sums. It could be your favorite room or even a specific table in the hall.

3. Collect your entire Math stuffs at one place. This includes pencils, pen, compass, sharpener, protractor, textbook, notebook and, homework project.

4. Write down the goals to obtain, so that you know what exactly you are intending to attain at your ideal learning place in the time that you have reserved.

Becoming a strong math student is in your hands, so be thorough with all above techniques to become a strong and intelligent math student. Best of luck!!!