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What math skills should students have mastered at Kindergarten - Grade 2? We surveyed at least 10 math teachers per grade level. They listed the top 10 math skills per grade level for us.

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Top 10 Math Skills For Kindergarten - Grade 2

The math skills that teachers recommended are listed in alphabetic order. We are in the process of compiling a much larger survey. When the survey is completed, we will rank skills by frequency of recommendation.


Grade 1

Kindergarten Grade 1
  1. Color Based On Directions
  2. Comparing Objects (Which Set Has More?)
  3. Connect the Dots
  4. Count and Write 1 to 20
  5. Counting By Drawing
  6. How Many Are There?
  7. Learning Shapes
  8. Number Sequence
  9. Picture Addition
  10. Shape, Color, and Number Match
  1. Addition or Subtraction Sign
  2. Making Sums and Differences
  3. Ordinal Numbers
  4. Picture Subtraction
  5. Reading Picture Graphs
  6. Rounding Numbers To Tens
  7. Simple Pattern Skills
  8. Single Digit Subtraction
  9. Visually Estimate Sums and Differences
  10. What Time Is It?
Grade 2 Math Tips
Grade 2 Related Math Articles
  1. Adding Double and Triple Digits
  2. Color Fraction Objects
  3. Identifying Grid Location
  4. Making Change with Coins
  5. Missing Number Addition
  6. Reading A Ruler (Metric)
  7. Reading Data Tables
  8. Simple Word Problems
  9. Using Tally Charts To Make Graphs
  10. Simple Word Problems
  1. Tips for Reinforcing Good Problem Solving Skills
  2. What Do You Learn About Math in Kindergarten Through Grade 2?
  3. What Do You Learn About Math in Kindergarten?
  4. What Math Concepts Are Taught in First Grade?
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