Top 10 Math Skills For Grade 6 - Grade 8

What math skills should students have mastered at Grade 6 - Grade 8? We surveyed at least 10 math teachers per grade level. They listed the top 10 math skills per grade level for us. The math skills that teachers recommended are listed in alphabetic order. We are in the process of compiling a much larger survey. When the survey is completed, we will rank skills by frequency of recommendation.

Grade 6

  1. Adding Mixed Numbers
  2. Adding And Subtracting Measurements
  3. Are these Proportional?
  4. Fraction Word Problems (Moderate)
  5. Mean, Median, Mode
  6. Measurement Word Problems
  7. Percent of a Number
  8. Ratio Tables
  9. Rewriting Ratios
  10. Writing Exponents

Grade 7

  1. Algebra Word Problems
  2. Area of Irregular Shapes
  3. Circumference
  4. Convert Exponents To Numbers And Compare
  5. Draw Lines, Segments, and Rays
  6. Find Angles And Classify
  7. Find The Square Root
  8. Order of Operations (2-Step Problems)
  9. Simplify the Equations
  10. Visual Expressions

Grade 8

  1. Algebra Word Problems
  2. Combining Like Terms (Difficult)
  3. Evaluation of Expressions
  4. Order of Operations (3-Step Problems)
  5. Probability Word Problems
  6. Pythagorean Theorem Word Problems
  7. Scientific Notation
  8. Solving Multi-step Equations
  9. Word Based Proportions Difficult
  10. Writing Sentences As Equation

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