Kindergarten Math Curriculum

In what order should Kindergarten students complete math lessons? We decided to create our own Kindergarten math curriculum. Following the math worksheets and lessons in this order will make it easy for parents, teachers, and most of all students.

The curriculum guide is broken into two topics per week. This is a good pace for Kindergarten students during the school year. Over the summer, you might want to do two weeks of work every week. Just follow the weeks in order to follow the curriculum guide.

If your student is more advanced than the early weeks, fill free to skip ahead. We would suggest that it is perfectly alright and even advantageous to allow students to succeed early on. As it will help them to build "math confidence".

Week 1

  1. Color Based On Directions
  2. Comparing Objects

Week 2

  1. Connect the Dots
  2. Counting From Zero

Week 3

  1. Count and Write 1 to 20
  2. Counting By 2s, 5s, and 10s

Week 4

  1. Counting By Drawing
  2. Counting By a Number Range

Week 5

  1. Picture Addition
  2. Counting By Number Ranges

Week 6

  1. Counting By Numbers
  2. Counting Sets of Numbers

Week 7

  1. Counting to 10
  2. Counting: Match Items To Numbers

Week 8

  1. How Many Are There?
  2. Addition Numbers 0 to 9 Vertical and Horizontal

Week 9

  1. Shape, Color, and Number Match
  2. Which Weighs More Or Less?

Week 10

  1. Estimating the Half Way Point
  2. Identifying Shapes

Week 11

  1. Grouping Numbers
  2. Numbers Line Addition

Week 12

  1. Which Shape Doesn't Belong
  2. Using A Number Line to Do Addition

Week 13

  1. Simple Pattern Skills
  2. Estimate on a Number Line

Week 14

  1. Ordinal Numbers
  2. Learning Shapes

Week 15

  1. Following Directions With Shapes
  2. Missing Numbers Counting

Week 16

  1. Picture Subtraction
  2. Counting Change

Week 17

  1. Simple Word Problems
  2. Visual Subtraction