Grade Seven Math Curriculum

In what order should Grade Seven students complete math lessons? We decided to create our own Grade Seven math curriculum. Following the math worksheets and lessons in this order will make it easy for parents, teachers, and most of all students.

The curriculum guide is broken into two topics per week. This is a good pace for Grade Seven students during the school year. Over the summer, you might want to do two weeks of work every week. Just follow the weeks in order to follow the curriculum guide.

If your student is more advanced than the early weeks, fill free to skip ahead. We would suggest that it is perfectly alright and even advantageous to allow students to succeed early on. As it will help them to build "math confidence".

Week 1

  1. Like Terms
  2. Absolute Value

Week 2

  1. Reciprocal of Fractions and Whole Numbers
  2. 4 Digit to 5 Digit Division & 5 Digit to 5 Digit Division

Week 3

  1. Combining Like Terms (Simple)
  2. Circumference

Week 4

  1. Compare & Order Decimals, Percents, and Fractions
  2. Order of Operations (3-Step Problems)

Week 5

  1. Number Line Expression
  2. Visual Expressions

Week 6

  1. Fraction Word Problems (Moderate)
  2. Solving Equations Division Principle

Week 7

  1. Invent Words with Calculators
  2. Adding Mixed Numbers

Week 8

  1. Subtracting Mixed Numbers
  2. Area of Parallelogram

Week 9

  1. Percent of a Number
  2. Common Multiples and Least Common Multiple

Week 10

  1. Plotting and Finding Ordered Pairs
  2. Compare & Order Decimals, Percents, and Fractions

Week 11

  1. Solving Equations Subtraction Principle
  2. Simplify the Equations

Week 12

  1. Solving Proportion Problems
  2. Word Based Proportions Easy

Week 13

  1. Measure length in cm, mm and meters
  2. Measurement Word Problems

Week 14

  1. Converting Units of Length, Mass, Capacity
  2. Writing Exponents

Week 15

  1. Calculating Interest with U.S. Dollars
  2. Calculating Interest with U.S. Dollars over 1 full year

Week 16

  1. Tree Diagrams
  2. Mean, Median, Mode

Week 17

  1. Ratio And Proportion Word Problems
  2. Ratio Tables

Week 18

  1. Classify Triangles
  2. Box and Whisker Plot

Week 19

  1. Read and Make Stem and Leaf Plots
  2. Area of a Circle

Week 20

  1. Volume Word Problems
  2. Rewrite by Factoring

Week 21

  1. Simplifying the Expressions
  2. Building Quadrilaterals