Grade Three Math Curriculum

In what order should Grade Three students complete math lessons? We decided to create our own Grade Three math curriculum. Following the math worksheets and lessons in this order will make it easy for parents, teachers, and most of all students.

The curriculum guide is broken into two topics per week. This is a good pace for Grade Three students during the school year. Over the summer, you might want to do two weeks of work every week. Just follow the weeks in order to follow the curriculum guide.

If your student is more advanced than the early weeks, fill free to skip ahead. We would suggest that it is perfectly alright and even advantageous to allow students to succeed early on. As it will help them to build "math confidence".

Week 1

  1. Numbers to Words
  2. Divisibility Tables

Week 2

  1. Picture Multiplication
  2. Ordinal Numbers

Week 3

  1. Multiplication as Repeated Addition
  2. Recognizing Lines of Symmetry

Week 4

  1. Ordering Numbers
  2. Visual Multiplication

Week 5

  1. Writing Numbers As Words
  2. Number Line

Week 6

  1. Single Digit Multiplication
  2. Single Digit Multiplication Tables

Week 7

  1. Patterns Within Shapes and Pictures
  2. Telling Time

Week 8

  1. Even or Odd Numbers
  2. Drawing Ordered Pairs

Week 9

  1. Estimate Length and Weight (Metric)
  2. Place Value 1s to 10,000s place

Week 10

  1. Finding Ordered Pairs
  2. Reading Rulers (Inches)

Week 11

  1. Rounding to Tens, Hundreds, Thousands
  2. Division Sharing with Visuals

Week 12

  1. Pictographs
  2. Recognizing Similar and Congruent Figures

Week 13

  1. Basic Word Problems
  2. Reading A Ruler (Metric)

Week 14

  1. Simple Picture Division
  2. Picture Division

Week 15

  1. Visual Fractions
  2. Patterns Within Data Sets

Week 16

  1. Counting U.S. Money
  2. Single-Double Digit Multiplication

Week 17

  1. Graphing Lines By Two Points
  2. Plotting Points

Week 18

  1. Reading and Making Bar Graphs
  2. Reading and Making Line Graphs

Week 19

  1. Reading Circle Graphs
  2. Place Value 1 to 100,000 writing in standard form

Week 20

  1. Visualizing Decimals
  2. Compare and order numbers 0.0001 to 10

Week 21

  1. Pictures, Words, and Fractions
  2. Missing Addition or Subtraction Sign

Week 22

  1. Two and Three Dimensional Shapes
  2. Plotting Graph Coordinates